Back with a Plan

Hey there friends! Long story short–I am  no better off today than I was the last time I blogged. I have essentially done nothing, with many re-starts and failures, from blatent defiant I will eat, gorge, and be happy to truly wanting to do well with food and nutrition yet still fall off the wagon. My knee injuries have been an excuse to hold back yet my brain struggles with the notion that I lost any progress and should be able to sprint a mile. I have further recently struggled with food binges. I have been having moments of eating as if I created the idea. It is my vice. And it truly has me in its grip!

Observations of self:

  • Once I fall off the wagon, I give in with permission to cheat  with whatever I want, in any amount I want with a promise to start again on some future date.
  • I feel like I will never get my run mo-jo truly back.
  • I am amazing at planning. My consistency to execute–my willpower–is completely lacking. I, in fact, have no control–and that bothers this control freak!
  • I am not getting any younger. I would have called BS that it gets harder as you age–but…dang nab it! Its true.
  • I really like food. I mean really really.
  • I want to exercise and do more but my willpower to do it after work becomes an argument in my head. The couch seems to win.
  • I don’t expect perfection but also need to change up my rules. I might be asking too much or maybe I am being to generous.

I reached to point yesterday of even considering a “miracle” diet pill to help me do it. I thought maybe what I need is something to suppress my appetite–a kickstart in the right direction. I did some research and came to the same conclusion as I have before–that potentially I am taking a chance on something that could really screw my body up! And further, when would I feel comfortable coming one of these drugs or supplements.
I believe it is about lifestyle change. I have always believed it. Essentially it comes down to my willpower. My  want being greater than my struggle. (Insert Rocky theme music…)

So. Here I am. What to do?

Step one. Come talk to you. Hear your struggle. Let’s relate and fix ourselves!

Step two. Do what I do best. Set some goals and plans. (see below)

Step three. Try essential oils. I decided to trade off any sort of pill for an oil. I am going to use 4 different oils. Cinnamon oil will go on my daily oatmeal. Grapefruit, orange and lemon will go in my water. I am gonna report back on my conclusions of success.

Back to step two.

  • Everyday, meet my step goal.
  • Treat my calories like old school weight watchers. Track like a checkbook for the week. Re-sets every Monday. Reward myself where I want to but be accountable to those rewards.
  • FORGIVE when you slip but don’t slide!!!!!!!!
  • Vitamins everyday. 2-3 liters of h2o every day.
  • My fitness exercise goals are to walk, walk, walk. and stretch, stretch, stretch.

I know I can do this.
Today’s essential oil report. Day 1. Cinnamon oil was delicious on my oatmeal. Potent but delicious. I used lemon in my water–currently working on my second liter. Well. I will be a monkey’s uncle. They seem to work. Day 1 results of course. I was not hungry really at all today. I didn’t have a craving and mind -fight over a chocolate chunk cookie. I. Succeed ed.  On to day two go…. pexels-photo-1021756.jpeg

Whether you think you can. Or cannot. You are right.

What we believe we can do, we will do. When we push ourselves to try, the worst we will do is fail. When we choose to not try, we will never win. Our mindset rules our being. Do you let it run you? mindsetOr stop you? I can talk myself outta something in a heartbeat if I let that voice in my head get started. When I chose to squash the excuses or the lack of belief in myself, that is when I win. I learned this valuable lesson from my 14-year-old son this weekend. He is a freshman playing on the Varsity Lacrosse team. Lacrosse is all new to him–but he is that kid that can take on something new and just go for it. During a game this Friday night, on the defense end, he got that ball, and ran the field with it, shot the ball and scored! He told me later that night that he almost talked himself out of shooting that ball. BUT he didn’t. He tried and was met with a fantastic crowd-cheering victory! (Yep, I am pretty proud) This kiddo reminded me that we have to try, we can’t hold back, or we will never go forward.
It’s been a fantastic week! That same child ran the International Women’s Day 10k with me on Saturday.

I lost another pound this week. Yea! I set a new PR this year for my pace this week. And I am ready to tackle the week ahead! I am going to push myself to be a just a little faster, go a little further, and to be in the game with everything I do this week. How about you?
I am also learning to forgive myself if I don’t do what my proactive mindset lays out for me to do. Wellness is all connected physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s a package deal–you can’t fix one and not work on the others. I implore each of you to take a second to think of that one nagging idea you have in your head that defeats you. It will only take  a second and it’s always there in our thoughts, when we are daring ourselves to go past the edge of comfort. My defeating thought is I am too fat to push faster. I allow myself to think, “well, once I lose this weight, I will…” Do you do this too? This “if this, then that” thoughts? Do they hold you back?
We can’t stop these sort of thoughts from coming until we prove to ourselves that we are stronger than them. It will be a glorious victory to know I can accomplish anything I put my mind too. I will trip and fall many times while I get there, but I will get there. You will too. As this week included National Women’s Day, it’s a great time to reflect on the fortunes we take for granted and how far we have come. Women can do anything they put their mind too. I am fortunate to live in a country of freedom–one we can not take for granted. I will be all I can be for those women that cannot be. I will persevere. I will pray for those that face persecution and life trials I will never endure.
This week I will stick to plan. Stay ahead of my caloric intake and move my butt! Who’s with me? Let’s go get it! You rock!


This Princess Wears Running Shoes

This week I got my run back. I truly felt it in my bones and heart this week. I am back and it feels good.
My pace is slow as molasses, and I am okay with that. Knocked out two 6 mile runs this week. Calories were on point this week too. Resulting in another 2.2 lbs lost this week. I feel good. I feel good!

I encourage you to take that first step. It’s gonna hurt, feel icky, not be fun. Neither is that second step and potentially the third is gonna suck too. Running (or what ever your sport is) will never be easy but it will be rewarding. You are your biggest hurdle and competition. And your mind is the kingpin to it all. Your mindset is what will make or break you.
How many times have you talked yourself out of something? Something that you know will be good for you but its not easy and it might be a little uncomfortable. I know I have done it a few million times. Sitting at my desk is a whole lot easier than lacing up, getting out the door, and moving, especially after a long day at work and all the other tasks to be covered. I once heard some great advice. Never go three days without exercise. LIVE by this mantra! You make it to that fourth day and decide to not get out of that desk chair, you are in trouble. You might slide right into that excuse bank and not find your way out. I have lived it. I am a yo-yo athlete. I have climbed out of that pile of excuses many times and then falling right back into it. I know you feel me. And it aint a good feeling, is it?
But here it is. I believe in me. And you. One day at time, one week at a time. I hope each week we grow here together–better, stronger, leaner athletes. We are our own competition. What goals have you set? Short and long term. Daily. Hourly. No challenge to small. Share with me! I want to be your loudest cheerleader!
My goals this week are:
1. Stay on this track. Running a few days this week, ending my week with a 10k.
2. 3L water challenge. ( I am enjoying the water. Who says that????)
3. Stay on calories.
4. Abs. Fine. Abs. M, W, F.
5. Stretch! Take the time to stretch these ol’ lady bones. This will be the hardest to do–even when it is the most rewarding. Why do we resist what is good for us??

Let’s go out there ready for Monday. Ready to do a little something each day and be better. That’s my plan. This princess wears running shoes. This princess is ready to be stronger and healthier this week. Let’s be awesome together. You awesome awesome you.


Cheeseburger with a Double Side of Fries

Doesn’t that sound good? A good title to pull you in, but really it’s food for thought as well.  My food for thought today is actually coconut cake. I have a relationship with it that goes way back. My great-gram used to buy this particular cake.
Sunday’s are my cheat day. And today I am having coconut cake. Food relationships. Trigger foods. Aromas. Ohhh aromas. Our relationships to food really tell a lot about us, and further explain our struggles with weight loss/binge eating/overindulging. I have relationships with many different foods. Cream cheese is a great example. It’s a pretty serious commitment.
So, while today is a cheat day, I have done so well this week! Routine and preparation are the key to success to not just going for the first fast snack you can get your hands on. Followed caloric plan of staying ahead of “calories out” with no negative balances. It’s funny how some foods sound so good in theory–and the memory we have with them–but once we get it, it’s eh, mediocre. You almost contemplate not eating it–or mercy–you actually do stop eating it. I have had a few of those moments this week. I think “ohhh I just can’t wait til I get to eat —-,” then the moment comes and , “eh, not so exciting.”
It’s a good feeling, even during the disappointment. That feeling of full enough to not really want it, feeling of satiety enough to say I don’t need it, or why am I wasting these calories on this!?!?!?!?
For some people, food only serves the purpose of filling a caloric need. For others, like me, it’s a relationship. I love healthy foods, don’t get me wrong. BUT ohhh do I love me some sticky candy too. This week I kept it in check. And it paid off.

4.4 lbs down this week. I had to stand cream cheese up this week, but I feel confident our relationship isn’t over. I am really excited to see that scale move! It’s been stuck for a bit.
I have been consistent in my water challenge as well! 3L a day. 56 days straight, my friends! 56 days and I feel the difference! I see the difference!!! Number one difference–and let me tell you, even as a nutritionist, I was not a believer–it has really helped keep my hunger in check!!! Fresh squeezed lemons, oranges, and limes keep it from tasting like blah, water.  I am challenging you to take on the 3L challenge!!! Who’s in??? #56dayH2Ostreak

Exercise didn’t execute as planned. No surprise, as life and weather make plans fall apart.
What I did get done? I ran/walk 5k on Thursday and Saturday, and hit 6 miles at the parkway today. Gah, I love it out there. blog20170227

I got my new camelbak on. Who doesn’t love some running gear?? You are full of malarkey if you say you don’t. 🙂

Planning board for the week:
1. To stay on calories again this week!
2. 7 more days of water. Glug it up.
3. Another 5k run on Tuesday, 6 mile on Thursday, lots of walking all the other days, yoga and stretching. If I take a rest day, then I really need to be calorically responsible. (Adulting is hard!)
4. BE okay with plans not going as planned. And change accordingly.

I wish you all luck this week! We really can do this. One running shoe at a time. AND. We are worth it. XOXOXO.

Fresh Start….For The Millionth Time

Know what I am good at? I will tell you. Making plans. I can write an exercise plan, make it all pretty on my calendar, write my diet plan out, really thinking this is gonna be the week, that I take my first step to super athlete.
Fact is, I have taken a million of those first steps. So. I am officially done with first steps. Now each step I take, and fall back, will just be a progression from the first step. My attitude is right–in the planning stage. It fails and gets lazy in the take action stage.
I hope this blog will find its way to those that feel the struggle–I want to encourage you and ME to keep going. I hope to hear from some of you–your struggles, your triumphs, your refusal to keep having first steps.
I was in a car accident a year ago. I let it be my slide to “stuff my face” time being more important than “pound the pavement” time. I have had many many many attempts of this being the week I stop filling the piehole and warm up my running shoes. And I do, then I slide.
So. Here we are.
I signed up for my first half this year. I thought surely this will be what gets me back out there. Perhaps it will. I run a lot of 5ks and 10ks–and by run, I mean run/walk/crawl. I have lost my confidence to be competitive with the 30 pounds I have put on over the past year.
So. This is my fresh start taking the next, not first, step to wellness. Join me. Share with me. This blog  will be a weekly check in to let you know how I am doing. To encourage you and myself to be better, do more, believe in ourselves. We are worth it, right?
Some background about me. Mom of three teens, married, I run a cafe, I have my bachelors in Nutrition and Public Health. I think that sums it up pretty good. OH, and I am a runner. I am! I want to be! And I will be!–No! I am a runner. I want this.